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Welcome to SimEMR, an interactive web-based simulated patient chart that enables students to learn how to electronically chart in today's hospitals.

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"I highly recommend this product for use with simulation, classroom activities, and in charting in clinical agencies that don't allow students to document in their electronic record... "
Connie Lindmeier, RN, MSN

"SimEMR® has helped our students document efficiently and learn in the process- no more chart racks, hard copy charts or papers in our nursing labs. SimEMR® customer service is outstanding..."
Anne Menendez BSN RN MPS CHTS

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Pocket Nurse

Enhance the reality and depth of your simulation-based education efforts to affect a more positive educational outcome with the integration capabilities of SimEMR®. The temporal capability of SimEMR® allows you to manage and develop patients and scenarios in a more realistic way, creating a more successful learning environment.

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